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Notes/Domino 6 and 7 Forum

Notes/Domino 6 and 7 Forum


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~Sean Zekwegenettu 26.Jan.04 05:04 PM a Web browser
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I got really excited about the new java based lwp rich client. It is amazing how the client could also access Notes Client Applications.... so, here seems to be the answer to having a native linux notes client !

However, I realized that although a Notes Client application was accesed using this new eclipse based client, it seems that the mail and agenda are not notes based, but based on lwm. Anybody knows if regular notes mail would be also accesible from such as client (as guess that yes, since mail is another notes application) ? What will happen on this new client with sametime and sametime based applications ?

What about the applications ? I show that a presentation was accesed from this new client, and it seems you can also change/edit that presentation, but I did not hear what kind of file it was (a freelance, a powerpoint, etc) ? Which applications would be shipped with the rich client and what formats would be able to deal wit ?

Would be Notes 8 based on this plataform ?

I can not understand why to have a client for LWP an other for Notes (if it seems that the LWP client can also access Notes mail) !

If all what it was said about this new client is true, it is an incredible change. I really want to known if the client is fast, light, and if the components to deal with applications and notes are really power or just give very basic funtions.

I can not wait until have more details about this new rich client !

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